Sampang city

 okay, now what i want to tell you is about Sampang City, before that do you what is it?   Sampang city is one of city in Madura island. Madura island devided became four regency, Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, Sumenep. and now i will talk about Sampang city.

Sampang City is my hometown, i was born and grow there. and i think Sampang city is one of good city with its goodness inside it. Sampang Regency consists of 14 sub-districts, 6 sub-districts and 180 villages (out of a total of 666 sub-districts, 777 sub-districts and 7,724 villages in East Java). In 2017, the population reached 844,872 people with an area of 1,233.08 km² and a population distribution of 685 people/km². it have many goodness it have many tourism place, delicious cafe and resto. i'm so thankful to God because of him i was born here. okay, back to topic i will tell you how beautiful is this city.

First is tourism place. Sampang have many beautiful tourism place. for instance is Goa Lebar. Goa Lebar is one of tourism place in Sampang City. Uniquely, this Goa Lebar is a plain above the cave which is arranged in a garden and the concept of a forest on a rock so that visitors will feel a cool and comfortable atmosphere. it is a big cave with a hot bathing place inside it, and there is a mysterious hole in the deepest of this cave. if you want to visit this place it is located in pahlawan street or in Rong Tengah Village, Sampang District, Sampang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. and second is Pliyang swimming pool. This pool has 3 pools 2 for children 1 for teenagers and above here the facilities are complete such as bathrooms, a large parking area, and there are facilities that make your child happy, here selling snacks and fried noodles, here are some animals that will increase your child's insight, here provides musholla. the water is always cleaned so you don't have to worry about the water getting dirty, here there are buoys for rent and there are also floats for sale, here provides 6 bathrooms 3 for women and 3 more for men, here selling swimming glasses.but here, there is a porcupine coop, inside it there are many cute porcupine, and then, there is a mythical bird statue or we can call it as eagle.

Second is delicious cafe and resto. for those who are on vacation to Madura Island, especially districts in the middle of Madura Island, there is nothing wrong if you also hunt for culinary tourism here, there are lots of recommended restaurants both Indonesian and foreign flavors, whether in the form of food stalls on the sidelines to restaurants that have fairly high prices or for young people who like cafe style. for ex : neko, belikopi, rehat, lycho, asela, ngapote, rocket chicken, and many others. 

and i Will explain you about Lesehan Lumintu. Lesehan Lumintu is located on Jl. Syamsul Arifin, Rw. V, Polagan, Kec. Sampang, Sampang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Lumintu Sampang is one of good rated place in Sampang Regency. The food menu is very tasty and delicious, besides that the various menus offered are quite appetizing, very suitable for friends who want to eat with family and friends. Nice place.


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