Does Technology Make our life better

Before i go to the point do you know what is Technology? In my point of view Technology is knowledge of the workings of engineering. If you ask me "Does Technology make our life better?" I will answer "Yes" why do i say "Yes"? it's because Technology is very useful for us in this new era, there are many examples of Technology for example like Mobile Phone, Car, Refrigerator, Iron, Lamp, Motorcycle and many others.

Technology is being more sophisticated from time to time because it has been updated by human in the world. And Technology has many positive and negative impacts for our life, the positive is we can easily contact our friends or our family in a faraway place by Mobile Phone, and we can light a room, building, tunnel, or whatever is that with Lamp, and we can easily go to anywhere we want by Car or Motorcycle, and many others.

Technology also has many negative impacts for example from Mobile Phone is Mobile can make us addicted until we forget everything, like forget time to pray, time to eat, time to sleep, and many others. 


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