what i did in holiday?


Now in this beautiful morning i'm gonna tell about what i did in holiday? 

in holiday i visited my grandma's home. i  was very exited when i went there. in there, there are many tourism places. there i did much things like breaking fast together, taking a walk together, and many again. and i went to many tourism places and i'm gonna tell you what are that

first, i went to waduk sangiran, that's so far from my grandma's home, i was very tired when i went there. in there, is a lake, the scenary was very good, and there are many boat also. and i turn the lake with the boat

second i went to Madiun, in madiun the scenary was very good also, there are many ricefield. and there are many rivers. and the weather is very cool. there, is a comfort village to be stay. 

i think that's all from me, thank you for your reading. ricefield boat


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